What started as a fun personal illustration challenge turned into a unique opportunity. I was asked to join Design Buddies, a diverse community of Graphic Designers, as an Illustrator and Motion Designer in August 2021 after participating in their DTIYS (Draw This In Your Style) Challenge featuring their bunny mascot, Fluffle. As a member of Design Buddies, I complete two designs monthly referring to the collaboration files on Figma and Notion, however, team members are more than welcome to exceed this quota and suggest more ideas. Design Buddies also hosts workshops, portfolio and resume reviews, and provides feedback and advice for upcoming designers.

I recently completed and released Design Buddies’ official phone and corresponding desktop wallpapers. Since the Design Buddies logo is pink, it was difficult combining the whimsical color scheme with modern design, but the end result was better than anticipated and highly received. The first batch also consisted of exclusive winter wallpapers. The complete set can be viewed here: https://tinyurl.com/db-wallpapers