Over the last few years, I’ve had the pleasure of working side by side with my colleagues to design various promotional packages for programs on campus. This semester was slightly different from previous ones because the entire class would create a solution for the client and then the assigned small group would create the other package elements with the selected desgin. Our group of three managed the ORU Spring 2021 dance concert, Interwoven.

The inspiration for the title came from images of the cross, paths intersecting, and roads. One of the clients main concerns was having an image of a group of the student dancers on the poster. We were given limited images to choose from, many of them representing soloists, so this impacted the design. Based on the clients comments, I focused on a minimalistic design depicting intersecting paths similar to rivers flowing in and out of each other. Instead of using a group of dancers, I chose one of the soloists to represent the interconnectivity within the self as well as one part within a larger network.